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What it's all about.  

Laser technology is changing rapidly. And with an influx of new lasers and systems on the market, it can be confusing to know what type of setup is right for you. So we're making it easy! 

With our Laser Projector Demo, you can try any of our ClubMAX, ATOM or Spectrum Lasers first hand, together with our FB4 Media Server as well as QuickShow and BEYOND software. 

There is zero obligation to buy, and you can evaluate and test these systems in the privacy of your own home or studio. All shipping costs to and from location, are paid by us! 

Just reserve the laser using our contact form, and we'll work with you to organize the demo.

Here at Pangolin, we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to experience the difference a professional laser setup can make. 

So we're going all out, to help give you that opportunity!

What makes our lasers different...

See how we build our lasers, just for you!

  • Brighter, sharper laser beam effects, with custom optical components and better divergence.

  • More color combinations, with a stunning white balance.

  • HD laser graphics, logos and text with high speed optical scanning systems.

  • Wider projection angles (+/- 60° optical on X and Y axis). So a single laser, can cover a much wider area.

  • Longer lasting laser sources - Industry leading 10,000 hours. And with LASORB protection integrated on all units.

  • Rugged IP54 or IP65 tour rated housings.

  • Control via DMX, ArtNET, Network, and auto-mode. Perfect for lighting designers.

  • FREE Pangolin FB4 Media Server integration.

  • FREE Pangolin QuickShow and BEYOND software included with the demo.

  • US CDRH / FDA certified, and compliant with all EU and International regulations.

Available demo models.

We have a great assortment of demo laser systems available for you to try, so you can select a model appropriate for your specific needs. 

* Click on the model below, to see a full production description, specifications, and videos. 

ClubMAX 3000 FB4 - Great for nightclubs, DJs and corporate events. 

ClubMAX 6000 FB4 - Ideal for large indoor events, and small outdoor shows. 

ClubMAX 10000 FB4 - Built for very large indoor events, and medium size outdoor shows. 

ATOM 15 FB4 - Made for stadium size indoor events, and large scale outdoor shows. 

Spectrum - The world's premier, high power laser system, with integrated OPSL technology. Ideal for large scale stadium sized events and long distance projections. 




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